The Year of Mint Cream


I don’t know where to begin describing The year of Mint Cream. Mint Cream originally started in 2014 as an idea & I just ran with it. I wasn’t active on my blog that year at all due to personal complications “LIFE”. I became more active with my blog Spring of 2015 and haven’t stop yet. I try to post on my blog once or twice a month and I’ve miss like two or three months due to “LIFE” & it kills me because I really enjoy blogging. So, here are a few highlights of Mint Cream 2015-16′ and frequently asked questions about Mint Cream.


What’s Mint Cream all about?

Why the name Mint Cream?

What’s Mint Cream mission?

Who’s behind Mint Cream?

How can I benefit from Mint Cream?

Wheels on the Bus, is my first blog post other than “Meet the blogger” in 2014 post. I was on my way to Nashville Boogie 2015 and took the Greyhound for the first time to Nashville (I usually drive or fly). The first stop was at a 30’s designed bus station in Jackson ,TN.

Its such a BEAUT!

I had to write a post about the retro bus station. Wheels on the Bus means a lot to me because it’s mainly what Mint Cream is about. Mint Cream represents vintage and retro lifestyle, fashion, music & historic architecture.

How refreshing!

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Zig Zag Bank, caught my eye with its white mid-century zig zag rooftop and that perfect teal tiles on the walls. The Zig Zag Bank post is about “The People’s Bank” in Lexington, KY that was under destruction. The Big Bad Monster called GENTRIFICATION wants a movie theatre. My friend contacted me to blog about the bank and help raise money to save the bank.


Update: The Bank is saved!


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How Sweet it is, when blogging got fun and adventurous, I went to Afropunk 2015 in New York and it was so awakening. Different styles from all walks of life and music from hip hop to punk rock. I never felt so relaxed around thousands of people with no violence or mishaps, just pure fun and dancing lots of dancing! The trip made me realize more about what Mint Cream is all about! Mint Cream is about bringing people from all walks of life to enjoy, save beautiful historical architecture and benefit from each other crafts. If you don’t get our mission then Mint Cream isn’t for you. Mint Cream readers have to be open minded to adventures from a wide prospective of music, festivals, history, fashion & art.

Read more about it:AfroPunk “How sweet it is” pt.1.

Spring Fever….Oh now you wanna get up close and personal! Spring Fever post is the heart of Mint Cream! A mixture of history ,festivals and fashion all happened within three months in Spring of 2016. I visit Louisville, KY for the first time and had a full day of history, good eats and end it with a play at one of the best known theatres in the south. Mint Cream Vintage Expo was held on April 30, our first expo at “American Dream Safari”. We had over 1,000 shoppers and every vintage vendor sold tons of beautiful vintage items also, “The Million Dollar Quartet” CMT people shop their asses off at the expo (watch the show and see wardrobes from the expo). What better way to end Spring 2016 Nashville Boogie of course.

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I launched Mint Cream Shop in September on Etsy. Mint Cream Shop is a vintage shop that sells handcrafted jewelry, clothes and accessories from 1930’s to 1970’s also cool new accessories. A mixture of old and new.

Shop:Mint Cream Shop

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