5 ways to thrift like a PRO!


 Thrift shopping is the way to go to 

find vintage and modern pieces for 

cheap. I have noticed some thrift 

stores charge more for vintage 

items. Although it’s still a great 

deal compared to expensive vintage 

stores. Vintage became more in 

high demand these last couple of 

years. Here’s my guide of thrifting: 

finding deals,days to shop & what to 


1. Go Early

Check the times the thrift store 

opens in your area or outside. Be 

there at least 5-10 minutes early for 

first dibs. Don’t be surprised to see 

a line outside before it opens. Come 

on! True thrifters already know this 

rule. If you think Black Friday is 

crazy with people rushing in, go 

thrifting early. What I’ll do is walk 

fast to the jewelry counter first. 

Have a plan before the door opens. 

Don’t hurt nobody! 

2. Check for discounts 

Thrift stores don’t dish out 

annoying ads in your mailbox (junk 

mail) or coupons. They’ll have a 

board up of what color tags is a 

percentage off. Certain days they’ll 

have a sale like for ex. Salvation 

Army every Wednesday “Wacky 

Wednesday” everything is 50% off. 

So look out for the deals when you 

walk in. It’s been numerous of 

times I have to remind the cashier 

it’s a sale item. Also sometimes you 

can negotiate with the cashier. 

3. Best Days

The best days to thrift is on sale 

days. Like I mention above a certain 

day has a huge discount sale and 

check for those days. I go before the 

big day sale so I can get first grabs. 

Some thrift stores has a color tag 

discount everyday. Worst day to go 

is the day after the sale and 

weekends. The store has already 

been picked over. Monday and 

Tuesday’s the racks are full and 

better items. JUICY!

4. Examine your items

It’s been plenty of times I see what I 

want and grab it without checking 

for damage. It’s a MUST to examine 

your item for cracks,stains and 

tears. Double check before you 

throw it in the basket. Keep a 

sewing kit just in case you have to 

replace a button. Some stains can 

be removed DIY or dry clean. 

5. Have an open mind

Everything in that store is new to 

you so shop like its freaking Macy’s. 

A stylish person goes to any lengths 

to find that special piece that sets 

off their look. I mean you have all 

eras of style to choose from. GO 

CRAZY!!! I like to mix different eras 

or modern/vintage to my outfits. It 

all depends on your personal style 

when thrifting. Also a great way to 

discover new ways to style your 

wardrobe. Dare to be different! 

Happy Thrifting!


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