Vintage Halloween Treat Bags Banner/Garland

It’s October 1st, 2020 Thank GOD we all made it thus far during a pandemic and chaos amongst earthlings. I conjured up Spooky activities, Creepy crafting & Chilling treats to do at home with family or virtually with friends. The schedule is posted every Thursday of October under hashtag #amylatinafamilyspookyfuntime2020 cut it short #amylatinaFSFT2020

Please note that any projects can be done at anytime. That’s why tools are listed under each activity, either you can go ahead and create or wait for the blog post.

I love to collect vintage Halloween decor and paper goods. This year I started collecting vintage Halloween treat bags. So, I purchase a few from Instagram (Vintage Halloween, Miss Molly Antiques, Mint Cream Shop, A Wrinkle in Time), Ebay & hunting. Ok, lets make a Halloween treat bag banner! You are welcome to use any Halloween treat bags doesn’t have to be vintage.


  • 20 or more Halloween treat bags
  • Orange/Black thick yarn
  • 50 or more mini clothing pins
  • Scissors
  • Thumb tacks or clear tape

I went to Dollar Tree first and got the clothing pins, orange yarn, and clear tape. I found out later the same day Micheal’s had a box of clothing pins cheaper (as to quantity). The clothing pins are wood so, you can dye them black (my husband suggestion ha) I kept it natural.


  • First, measure your window or wherever the banner is going with ruler
  • Cut yarn from the measurements
  • Everybody grab pins and treat bags
  • Everybody support each other while holding string & the kid can clip the bags on string with pins.
  • Once Bags on yarn string go ahead and hang the banner.
  • Dad can reach up, mom hands the tape & kid stand on chair/stool support the middle banner.
  • Clear tape works well with me

It’s not that complicated, very simple DIY Halloween decor with Trick or Treat bags. I love my outcome of the treat bag garland. I have two window panels so, we had to cut two orange strings. It was so much fun and we was watching Beetlejuice while creating the garland.

I notice the plastic treat bag has ties with them so, I insert the ties in bags for weight. If you want to die the clothing pins go ahead but I”ll be weary about the bleed on paper treat bags. I reuse the treat bags every year for a project and as collectibles. I take care of my possessions the best way I can.. especially vintage fragile goods.

I was lazy about the treats ha Oreos it is and some good almond milk. The candle smelt like “Pumpkin Spiced Cider” three wick candle from Michael’s. I love to setup the mood during family fun nights especially during holiday season like Halloween .

“Don’t be a Scaredy-cat!”

Wear a mask!

Stay Home!

Quarantine Halloween!

I want to see your Halloween treat bag banner/garland. Please Reshare, Tag & use hashtag




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Creepy “Bats & Crows” Cutouts

The first thing come to mind during Halloween is “Bats & CrowsCrows by day, Bats by night… always gave me the creeps. The mysterious Crows that creeps around the cemetery & Bats screeechy -screech screams with long fangs like Count Dracula!

My family had a great time cutting out the Bats and stick them to walls, windows & around the fireplace. The movie “Oblong Box” by Vincent Price was playing in the background. One thing me and Edgar Allan Poe have in common we both love Crows & Bats, it’s a gothic trait.

Okay let’s get to the stabbing here:


  • Find a Bat cutout of your choice on Google
  • Black construction paper
  • Go to Target and get the black crow kit comes with post-it stickers
  • Clear Tape for each person
  • Scissors for each person
  • White Chalk

My favorite Halloween treat is Candy Corns & peanut mix yum yum! I “trick-r-treat” @ Dollar Tree and grabbed the metallic orange pumpkin tray. I also, grabbed two fall scented candles “Rake, Pile, Leap” & “Pumpkin Spice” mini mason short jars, gives a perfect autumn aroma.


  • Print out bat cutout & cut it out
  • Trace bat cutout on black construction paper with white chalk
  • Place clear tape around the edges of the bat (you’re making a easier bat cutout to trace with)
  • Everyone share bat cutout, trace and cutout
  • Trace with white chalk
  • Use clear or masking tape to post on walls
  • Make a face on bats with chalk (eyes, mouth or bones).
  • Place white post its back of black crows
  • Post on walls or windows

I suggest to put clear tape around the edges of the bats because it can rip while tracing with chalk. The chalk will stand out on the black paper so its easier to see while tracing.

We want to see your “Bats & Crows” cutouts & how you decorate your home for Halloween. Last week, we did the Halloween treat bags garland, be sure to check that out. We have many Halloween family fun activities coming up next is “Pumpkin Carving & Paint” .

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DSC_0234Oh My God! Where to begin haha! This year has started off with a bang! I moved into my lovely studio downtown in November. I’m so lucky and bless to bring in the New Year in my studio by myself with a glass of wine watching the sunset! January, I had my first art opening in my studio “Mountain Top Dreams”. I had five artist including myself showcasing art about the civil rights movement and how it affect us in a positive way in present time. The artist were Erica Qualy, Tonya Pearce, House Stack and Rahn. The opening was Friday, January 19th and Movie night (“Selma”  & “I’m not your Negro”) Sunday, January 21st at Mint Cream Studios. Afro-Futuristic Artist (House Stack) sold three of his original paintings & his first art show at Mint Cream Studios.


We end January with “The Revival” more on a spiritual note, yoga & meditation. Taking in the moon energy!









It was perfect to end the month with self – wellness especially after the snow storm. So after the snowy January here comes rainy February. We start the month out with our winter sale for Mint Cream Shop and Sold a few goodies. We attend The Ameripolitan Awards and I had a BLAST! I met new people, laughed with old friends & styled musicians in Mint Cream.

Ameripolitan Awards

Rosie Flores, Matt Goldpaugh, Bloodshot Bill, & Eli Marzana.



The events at Mint Cream Studio, celebrating Black History Month. First, Comedy Movie Night “Coming to America” & “I’m Gonna Get you Sucka!” $5 ,February 18th 7pm. Snacks provided by Richard HiQue.


Secondly,”Black Royals” art opening showcasing African royalty & greatness. The art opening is February 23rd 6pm to 9pm and February 24th & 25th 12pm to 5pm. Featuring Artist Amy Dobbins, Siphne Sylve, Rahn Marion & Kennedie Toney.

black royals


P.S watch out for our spring looks previews on Instagram: @mintcreamshop

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Pop – Up on Main avec Tako’s Treasures

Erica Qualy Owner of Tako’s Treasures


We’re so honored to be apart of Tako’s Treasures Pop-up Shop on North Main st. in Downtown Memphis,TN. Mint Cream Shop had a chance to present it’s rare collections from 1930’s-Early 90’s inside TT’s. We met wonderful people who loves vintage and also our music selection (we spin vinyls in shop). Grab your friends & HOP! on the trolley and go down memory road with TT’s 2017 Pop-up shop on N. Main st.

First, We going to start with November 2017 Pop-up on 9 N. Main. We will be here until November 30th, so you still have time to shop with us. This month in TT’s Pop-up is home to Mint Cream Shop,Style & Substance,Sonic Temple & Bad Timing Vintage. The shops add more variety of vintage goodies for families (Women,men &kids) and Home decor etc.


Mint Cream Shop fall sweater collection “Pops of Color” stood out in the shop and customers add colorful sweaters to personal wardrobe. The beautiful model and friend Khalifa Kofi look stunning modeling our collection.


Khalifa Kofi


Amy Dobbins owner of Mint Cream Shop

We also met other Pop – up Shops along North Main st. like Bozwell + Lily. The shop has variety of vintage goodies,screen-printed tees and a coffee shop inside Lowfi Coffee. I love stopping by to check out awesome vintage,drink a cortado and just chill with the fellas. When the sun goes down B+L hosts live music inside the shop.




They’re just a skip away from TT’s at 7 North Main until November 30th.


        Tako’s Treasures Fall-o-ween ,October 2017 Pop -up Shop was held at 7 North Main. What a month we had at that place. TT’s was home to Mint Cream Shop,Hearts & Hearts,Style & Substance,Sonic Temple & Bad Timing Vintage. We had events there like the Spooktacular art show,Yart Sale and also variety of workshops by Erica Qualy. It was such a great turnout and downtown residence was loving us so much they just come by to hangout at times.

The coolest shop downtown!”

Please stay!”

We love Tako’s Treasures!”

The beginning with TT’s N.Main St. Pop-up Shop started in January 2017 at 101 N. Main st.  The shop host Mint Cream Shop,Tire Designs by Tad Pierson,Style and Substance,Janelle and Hempwits with Will Cructhfield. We made great memories at this place and my favorite one was with Little Elvis. The downtown residence enjoyed shopping with us and taking pictures with Little Elvis. January was a cold and snowy month but Magical.

The trolley ride down North Main st. with Tako’s Treasures has ended. What an amazing year for Tako’s Treasures and other vintage shops in Downtown Memphis. We look forward for more adventures with TT’s and Mint Cream Shop would love to give apreciation to Erica Qualy,Thank you for the opportunity! XOXO


Click on featured shop links;

Mint Cream Shop

Tako’s Treasures

Sonic Temple

Style & Substance

Bozwell + Lily

Lowfi Coffee

Hearts and Hearts Vintage


Live “Bang It” hair tutorial @ Paulettes Closet


We all go through bad & lazy hair days. Just put on a snood/silk scarf and part your frontal hair (BANG) from the crown. Watch my video below for pompadour,suicide rolls, tsunami & victory roll tutorial!

Click on BANG IT!


I lightened my hair with two packs of lightners,40 Cream developer and Amore hair dye in “Emerald”,pick any dye of your choice. The reason I got the 40 cream developer because I can take my time to lighten my thick hair. The lightening process is slower.

If your hair is relax go to a professional!

More vintage hair tutorials for African American/other stylish women coming soon!

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MCVE 2017: Vintage & Food Drive Market

May of 2017 Mint Cream Vintage Expo host their second vintage market. The expo was at American Dream Safari, a indoor trailer park warehouse in the middle of the medical district and the edge district. This the second expo and the first can good drive market in Memphis,TN.



“What better way to help small business & feeding the city. Mint Cream mission..”-Amy

It’s a family fun event for everybody! We got vintage boutiques with clothes, jewelry, toys, car show and other rare goodies. Also, we had artisans of handcrafted items ranges from bath products, home decor to jewelry.

mce posterIMG_507018301251_1488796367839296_2435508359380974131_nIMG_5071

I really enjoyed Eddy’s Pepper food truck and so did the crowd. They serve delicious tex mex and unicorn corn.

The vintage hair demos went great and spectators got helpful tips. Kasey Dee demonstrated the sixties hair on her niece  and she look so retro. Rob Brennon demonstrated the pompadour on his client for the men spectators. The models look so retro and ready for the vintage life.


The Memphettes fashion show was so much fun! The ladies modeled in vintage attire from 40’s to 60’s and they look dashing.





While the models strutting around American Dream Safari,Los Psychosis was rocking the house of wild and shaking Rock & Roll!




Tad’s Big Reveal Giveaway was the expo finally and some guy (with not so funny jokes) announced the winners. Winners got sweet digs from Tad’s garage and his artisan pieces made by Tad himself.

Vintage Car Door Handles

Tire Ties

Elvis Collars



We raised over 500 can goods for Mid South Food Bank. I would like to thank Tad Pierson, Vendors, The Memphettes, Los Psychosis, Eddys Pepper, Chad Irwin, Kasey Dees, Rob Brennon and Shoppers.


Mint Cream Vintage Expo Fall 2018-Save the Date


Mint Cream Vintage Expo can come to your city.  Got a venue? Want to be a vendor? Go to our website for more information.

Mint Cream Market








Red’s Java House is a San Francisco waterfront restaurant that opened in the 1930s, serving breakfast to the longshoremen and sailors. In a city where the ruthless competition for Michelin star ratings and world-famous chefs never ends, there are plenty of eateries you can go to for the most delectable food. Red’s is […]

via Red’s Java House — Jet Eliot

Imperial Lanes: Strikes Out!


Yes! You read that correctly Imperial Lanes mid-century bowling alley is gone! The building is being bulldozed as I type away. Personally, I hate to see the mid-century beaut go in such a destructive way for a Planet Fitness.It’ll be cool to keep the exterior of the building.. Planet Fitness but no gentrification strikes again.

I read stories about the bowling alley on a Facebook page called “The Summer ave.Gang”. People were reminiscing the good times, discussing different bowling teams  and first time bowlers since childhood. The group also shared photos and memories of Imperial Lanes during it’s prime.

“Hotdogs, Fries & Med. Drink $3.25”

“Please pay for bowling before returning rental shoes”

Imperial Lanes was the highlight of Summer ave. a bowlers dream. I talk to one bowler about her time at Imperial Lanes:



Linda Brooks

“I sure will miss the Imperial Lanes. So sad it closed up. Learned to bowl there and had many dates and double dating there. And of course midwife bowling. I still have my Black Beauty bowling ball and the bag I got when I was in 4th or 5th grade. Went there after school from Graham wood to learn how to bowl. I think Linda Novarese dad kept score. I know he wrote a lot of zeros for my score, he called it a big fat goose egg score !! I played on a few leagues later and became a pretty good bowler !!”-Linda Brooks

Don’t fret! Walk down memory lane on Imperial Bowling lanes at Java Cabana. I stopped by Java to check out the lanes and I talk with Robert that works there.

“The lanes been here for 3 years now. 3 1/2 wide and 1 1/2 inches thick  lanes weighs about 200-300 pounds. Imagine how heavy that was, it took us 2 days to nail the lanes to the floor. Mary got the idea to get the lanes at Memphis Flyer “Best of Memphis Party” which  was held at Imperial Lanes. When we got there the lanes was not in sight, it was covered with wood nailed into the lanes. We had to take the nails out the wood & lift it off the shiny bowling lanes. People came up from Georgia and Alabama to get a piece of Imperial Lanes” – Robert, Java Cabana


I had to take a picture in my Tatyana bowling dress and my vintage bowling bag. I’m standing on Imperial Lanes waiting on my bagel and Mystery Train Mocha at Java Cabana.

Oh! I forgot to mention, I stopped by Imperial Lanes in November. I was heading to work and I saw people outside and the doors were open. I pressed my luck and asked can I go inside to take photos but I couldn’t so the owner gave me a red bowling pin!! Yaay! I have a piece of Imperial Lanes all to myself!!


Share your stories of Imperial Lanes in the comments!