Wheels on the bus


Beautiful Greyhound Bus depot built-

in 1938 by Hubert Owens Construction

Co. Located in Jackson,TN. Also, this

historic station is registered in the

National Register of Historic Places.



Hopped on the Greyhound from

Memphis heading to Nashville back

in May. I had a seat to myself “YES” 

earphones on listening to Wayne 

Hancock via Pandora (great station btw).

Imagine me hitchhiking thru the

volunteer state circa 1961 In my

country western gear,chewing

wrigleys mint gum & a tall beehive

drenched in hairspray. Two hours later

we’ve arrived in Jackson,TN.

waking up from my nostalgic dream

of hitchhiking,I glanced up at this

glorious beautiful building. RETRO 

bus station still in tact & a bit of rust,

I fell in love 

The RICHness!


Stepping out the bus to take a

smoke. I saw 3 elderly men sitting

outside talking, laughing, drinking 😉 &

smoking their cigars.

“Hello young lady,like the shades,na”

-“Thank you,sir”

“Takes me back to my old days”

(I pulled out a square).

-“You got a lighter”


F L I C K!

Where you from doll”?


“In 1951 the place to be in spring was the Negro Tri-State Fair,I took my 1st date there”

-“How much was admission”


-“WOAH” (a woman of few words).

Bus loading passengers to Nashville 

Hand shake

Head nod!

                                        Take Care!

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