Pop – Up on Main avec Tako’s Treasures

Erica Qualy Owner of Tako’s Treasures


We’re so honored to be apart of Tako’s Treasures Pop-up Shop on North Main st. in Downtown Memphis,TN. Mint Cream Shop had a chance to present it’s rare collections from 1930’s-Early 90’s inside TT’s. We met wonderful people who loves vintage and also our music selection (we spin vinyls in shop). Grab your friends & HOP! on the trolley and go down memory road with TT’s 2017 Pop-up shop on N. Main st.

First, We going to start with November 2017 Pop-up on 9 N. Main. We will be here until November 30th, so you still have time to shop with us. This month in TT’s Pop-up is home to Mint Cream Shop,Style & Substance,Sonic Temple & Bad Timing Vintage. The shops add more variety of vintage goodies for families (Women,men &kids) and Home decor etc.


Mint Cream Shop fall sweater collection “Pops of Color” stood out in the shop and customers add colorful sweaters to personal wardrobe. The beautiful model and friend Khalifa Kofi look stunning modeling our collection.


Khalifa Kofi


Amy Dobbins owner of Mint Cream Shop

We also met other Pop – up Shops along North Main st. like Bozwell + Lily. The shop has variety of vintage goodies,screen-printed tees and a coffee shop inside Lowfi Coffee. I love stopping by to check out awesome vintage,drink a cortado and just chill with the fellas. When the sun goes down B+L hosts live music inside the shop.




They’re just a skip away from TT’s at 7 North Main until November 30th.


        Tako’s Treasures Fall-o-ween ,October 2017 Pop -up Shop was held at 7 North Main. What a month we had at that place. TT’s was home to Mint Cream Shop,Hearts & Hearts,Style & Substance,Sonic Temple & Bad Timing Vintage. We had events there like the Spooktacular art show,Yart Sale and also variety of workshops by Erica Qualy. It was such a great turnout and downtown residence was loving us so much they just come by to hangout at times.

The coolest shop downtown!”

Please stay!”

We love Tako’s Treasures!”

The beginning with TT’s N.Main St. Pop-up Shop started in January 2017 at 101 N. Main st.  The shop host Mint Cream Shop,Tire Designs by Tad Pierson,Style and Substance,Janelle and Hempwits with Will Cructhfield. We made great memories at this place and my favorite one was with Little Elvis. The downtown residence enjoyed shopping with us and taking pictures with Little Elvis. January was a cold and snowy month but Magical.

The trolley ride down North Main st. with Tako’s Treasures has ended. What an amazing year for Tako’s Treasures and other vintage shops in Downtown Memphis. We look forward for more adventures with TT’s and Mint Cream Shop would love to give apreciation to Erica Qualy,Thank you for the opportunity! XOXO


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