Zig Zag Bank

When I first saw the picture of

People’s Bank in Lexington,KY..my
imagination went wild. Imagining
myself walking into the bank as a
customer channeling Brenda Holloway.

The distinguish zig zag roof and a

wall of turquoise tiles been

standing beautifully since 1961. The

mid-century bank designed by

Lexington native architect Charles

Bayless, is subject to be demolish or

hopefully moved.

The building is on edge because of a

12-screen movie theater

complex,being built on the same


The building has actually been empty for several decades – Lucy Jones,Lexington native

The nostalgic citizens of Lexington are

collaborating to help save the bank by

fundraising. Different groups and

organizations has also help raising

money to save the building. It’s pretty

hefty price to raise $850,000 to move it

but donating can help. They have raise

$780,000 so far, helpful sources from

donationsites,social media & Peoples 

Bank tours.

Despite the fact that it sat empty for so long,it was not forgotten by the community.” –Lucy Jones


Lucy Jones / Photography by Mick Jefferies 


Oh how I wish to see such a savvy
bank in person.

                       ROAD TRIP! 

Hopefully before or after the decision

is final.

Such a BEAUTY! 

Donate & help save People’s Bank.

         Click on the links to donate!

Warwick Foundation

Peoples for People

National Register of Historic Places

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