Deux á jour Orléans

I enjoyed my short two day trip to 

New Orleans. I came with two of my 

closest friends Jerica & Chad. New 

Orleans has a special place in my 

heart,spent half of my childhood in 

Algiers (which is like New Orleans 

step child) & fluent in French. It’s 

in my roots and I love that part of 


We stayed in a cute 19th century 
French style house. The place were 

just 2 blocks down from the 

streetcars which heads to the 

French quarter.


Walking down St.Charles at night 

heading to magazine was a great 

adventure. We saw gorgeous homes 

and awesome bars. The first stop 

was parasols bar and restaurant. 

Charming old bar that been around 

for decades. They known for 

po’boys and the gravy fries. I 

ordered the smoked pulled pork 

Po’Boy and my friends ordered 

spicy shrimp Po’Boy with gravy 

fries with tender beef.







On French bread. FRENCH BREAD!! 


  The bar is really cool with dim 

lights and an attractive bartender. 

We talked to locals outside on the 

patio (no smoking inside any bars). 

Yes you can walk out the bar with 

your drink and roam around the 

streets of NOLA. I notice every bar 

had a $10 minimum if you use cards 

which is weird. I just want ONE at 

each bar! 


Walking back to the street cars on 

St.Charles heading to the French 

Quarter. I saw the “American 

Horror Story”school of witchcraft. 

It’s a beautiful charming house. It’s 

a school yes a real school. 

         I’m not gonna tell you! 


I have reached the French Quarter 

and now walking towards Bourbon 





   Bar hop! BAR HOP! bar hop! 

Ye Dungeon,The Abbey etc……

It rained all day Saturday! ALL 
DAMN DAY! We still venture out 

around the magical city. I had to 

brighten up my day somehow so I 

slapped on my flamingo swing 

dress with my flamingo flats. I had 

too! the palm tree said so and I like 

breaking fashion rules.

I saw her! 

      She was parked on the crossroads.

     She called my name 

    “Amy come here and take me with you!”

She was already taken. She’s old 

and very beautiful. MINT CREAM 

classic beauty on wheels.

After our Grand Slam breakfast at 

Trolley Stop Market. We hopped on 

the FQ street car. 

Walked on canal st. Heading to the 

The cemetery is my favorite staple 

in Nola just so freaking beautiful.

               BELLE MORT!

The energy were so thick and smells 

like sulfur. That’s the smell of 

death resting in the stoned crypts 

and the wall of coffins. I stroll 

though the yard and saw alters 

setup inside abandoned ruin crypts. 

      CREEPY! I like CREEPY! 

      Bar Hop! Bar HOP! 

On Bourbon. Day drinking in the 

rain which made the city look more 

charming. A wedding at the St.Louis 

Cathedral on Jackson square was 

going on. I stood and watch as the 

bride & groom walk out the 

cathedral, the clock struck 2pm,the 

bells ringing and they marched on 

with the band (second line). I 

definitely want to get married in 

NOLA that would be freaking 


Cafe du monde,beignets & cafe au 


We end the night on St. Charles at a 

couple of bars. Last one was Igor I 

swear all the odd balls came out 

that night. Laughter,drinking & 

friendships being made. Just say I 

met some great people that I’ll keep 

in contact with. 

Last day we just walked and 

shopped on magazine. Awesome 

locals shops and restaurants. 

Delicious bagel sandwiches at The 

Avenue Cafe & oysters at Tracy’s. 

Now it’s time to hit the road back 

home to my daughter. Mommy 

can’t stay away to long from her 

chicks. Hey on the way let’s get one 

more taste of Louisiana. Let’s stop 

at your mom place in Hammond,LA.

The town had retro signage & 

midcentury buildings. Cute 

charming small town. 

Deux á jour Orléans! 

Short & Sweet.