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Dress and Crop Faux Fur Cardigan by Tatayana Boutique


Contests are storming through social media right now, leading up to Thanksgiving. What a better time to do Giveaways,I mean giving is Thanksgiving. I know around this time of year money is skinny especially, if you have a family to feed and being Santa. So I gather up Giveaways that’s going on right now in four different shops. Mint Cream approval of course. So lets start entering now ladies before time is up! Good Luck!



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All winners will be announced on November 24th. So follow us at @pinupgirlclothing and use our hashtag #pugpinkfriday !!

Enter now, 11/21/2016 through 11/23/2016 with winners announced 11/24/2016 before Pink Friday begins!


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I already reblogged Vintage Vandalizm Giveaway. So here it is again,Dolls also don’t forget to hashtag: #vvwkd and don’t tag her please. Good Luck.


To enter:

1.) Follow on IG: @pinuphouse

2.) Sign-up on the E-mail list: http://bit.ly/WinUnicornSkirt


Vintage Vandalizm


Pinup House

Lola Von Rose


What Katie Did Giveaway!

Vintage Vandal

img_2590I’m a lingerie lover so when I discovered What Katie Did, I nearly jumped for joy. WKD has a glamorous selection of lingerie for the modern retro girl all taking inspiration from the 1930s-1950s. They have the best bullet bras, garters, stockings, and negligee. I already have my lingerie dresser stacked full of WKD gems like these 1930s pajamas. They are SO comfortable to sleep in and I love how I can make this two piece pajama set look like a jumpsuit just by tying the waist around twice. This set is seriously divine and now comes in a variety of colors. I now want all of them haha! Since Thanksgiving is just next week, I’d like to share my WKD joy with one of you lucky ladies by hosting a WKD Giveaway to win your own 1930s Pajama set! It’s easy to win too! See details and images inside!

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Spooky Trinkets

Halloween is the most fun & creative time of the year. It’s my holiday and I celebrate it like no other,my birthday is right after Halloween. 

I’m going to show you how to make accessories on a budget. I know it’s tempting to purchase already made Halloween trinkets but it can be expensive. 

Guilty pleasure I purchase “glided bats” from Summer Blue Jewelry. Hey it’s nothing wrong with treating yourself but what ghoul has one creepy item. Let’s make more DIY my ghouls! 


       Skeleton Hands


Hair Clips


Tools you need:
Skeleton hands,spider (your choice/ items from Michael’s)

Spray glue ( I used Elmer’s Craft)

Glitter (if you want/I used black Martha Stewert glitter)

Black Felt

Hot glue gun/glue sticks 

Hair clips/Flat back pin with clasp (at any craft stores Hobby Lobby,Michael’s etc.)

Spray glue on the hands/spiders & pour glitter over and spray glue over it. Set 12-24 hours to dry. 

Watch SPooky TrInkets Video:


Spooky Trinkets

Everyday is Halloween 

Summer Dress Fest



All summer long, I been twirling around the city in Bernie Dexter swing dresses. I must

say I really enjoyed the heads-turns & compliments from people in Memphis. As we plus

size ladies know, it’s hard to find that perfect dress that’ll hug our curves. Not all vintage

or repro brand dress shops carries plus size dresses etc.


Veronique Juicy Orange Dress,$168


I met one of my favorite pinup models, Bernie Dexter at Nashville Boogie Weekender &

we connect right away. My mind wonder of how, I’d look in her dresses during the fashion

show that showcased her line at the event. I love how her dress collection has different

patterns, style for every pinup gal & most of her swing dresses comes with a belt.


Kelly Take it Easy Dress,$168


My dress size is 16/2x but certain parts are bigger on me, my bust size for example.

The dress fits perfectly with a body shaper on (which I have on in the photos).

I say if you are 16/2x with big boobies get a 3x instead, the bust area is a little snug

(bra size 44DD).


Kelly in the Kitchen Dress,$168


I love to wear snoods to match my dresses, so yeah I have every color.



Hair accessories make my outfits pop along with shoes and handbags to match (sometimes).

I hope Summer Dress Fest was helpful choosing your plus size Bernie Dexter dress.

So go ahead curvy pinup dolls & get a Bernie Dexter dress, you won’t be disappointed!


bd 5

photography:Chad Irwin



*Click link to shop*

Bernie Dexter


Spring Fever


I must say Spring 2016 has been good to me. Each month during spring, I went into a time machine full of historical sightings,Mint Cream Vintage Expo & The Nashville Boogie Weekender.

March, historical sightings in Louisville,KY.

April, the first Mint Cream Vintage Expo. 

May, The Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender. 

Ok now you know the order of my Spring Fever/Adventure! 

Spontaneously, I drove up to Louisville,KY the first week of March. My first time visiting the city & Kentucky period. Finn was so generous to tour me around his hometown. 

New Eyes

        New City

First stop is Muhammad Ali childhood home located West End of Louisville. The house is pink! Some investors out west somewhere (I think Las Vegas) purchased the home & hopefully be a museum someday. I have a vivid imagination so I imagine young Cassius Clay walking to school in the morning & boxing practice in the evening.


Next stop is Thomas Edison home in the Butchertown neighborhood. The brown brick shotgun house built around 1850. Edison stayed here for a year before he moved to NJ. 

I had to get out and stand on his porch, as though I just visited him. I told you I’m imaginative ha! I have to come back see the inside. The museum was closed that day but I made the best out of it. 

On our way to The Nitty Gritty vintage shop,I were admiring the beautiful old architecture around the city. Louisville is like Memphis & New Orleans had a baby. The city has the most Victorian homes in the country. The historical buildings are still standing & cool dive bars. Now we passing Whiskey Row,the 1900’s buildings stretching down main st. I can smell the Kentucky Bourbon. Ok picture this Al Capone & F. Scott Fitzgerald stumbling out the place & they dressed to the nines holding cigars. 

We have arrived at The Nitty Gritty vintage shop & from the looks of it I feel lucky. I walked into vintage heaven wall to wall goodies & upstairs treasures galore. 

Vintage Hats

  Vintage Handbags

    Vintage Dresses

I got just that!

The first Mint Cream Vintage Expo was held on April 30th. 

I been having vintage pop-up shops since 2012. I decided to have the event to promote other Memphis vintage shops & online shops. The event was held at Tad’s American Dream Safari/Tad’s Imaginarium. The place is a warehouse full of vintage air streams,campers & a cute little pond. It looks like John Waters head exploded inside. 

I had over 500 attendees and they loved it. Over 10 vintage vendors, classic car show,taco food truck,DJ spinning oldies on 45’s & vintage hair demos for men/women. The crowd/melting pot sounds better,all connected with each other. I love when my events have a mixed crowd, bringing everyone together that appreciate vintage.  The attendees also enjoyed our photo booth that had cool 3-D props provided by Erica Qualy & photography by Retro Photography & Blake Billings.

The event was a huge success and next year will be even better. 

Nashville Boogie Weekender in May was my Spring Fever finale. 

The lineup this year was amazing,Rev. Horton Heat,Big Sandy & The Flyrite Boys,Levi Dexter & plenty more. 

I saw old friends I met last year from NB which was the first one & met new ones.

 I hung out with Simon, the man behind Rockabilly on the Route.

Check out the festival in Tucumcari,New Mexico June 2-5th. 

Bernie Dexter has been my favorite pinup girl model for over 15 years. She inspired me to get into the rockabilly culture along with just the music itself. She has a lovely store that caters to all sizes of women. We clicked right away and have been chatting every since. She’s sending me some dresses and we already planned to meet up next year. She’s a sweetheart & genuine! Love you,Bernie! 

I watched Rev.Horton Heat perform backstage,which was awesome and took a photo with him afterwards. I rode back seat with Rev.Horton Heat to the next venue. YES I DID!!!! Also,Big Sandy bought me a pint of Jack Daniels. I swear Saturday night was just magical!! 

Well that’s my Spring Fever Adventure friends. 

More adventures are coming soon,so signup to receive updates! 

Bernie Dexter
Nashville Boogie
Retro Photography
Rockabilly on the Route

It’s Peachy Keen

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5 ways to thrift like a PRO!


 Thrift shopping is the way to go to 

find vintage and modern pieces for 

cheap. I have noticed some thrift 

stores charge more for vintage 

items. Although it’s still a great 

deal compared to expensive vintage 

stores. Vintage became more in 

high demand these last couple of 

years. Here’s my guide of thrifting: 

finding deals,days to shop & what to 


1. Go Early

Check the times the thrift store 

opens in your area or outside. Be 

there at least 5-10 minutes early for 

first dibs. Don’t be surprised to see 

a line outside before it opens. Come 

on! True thrifters already know this 

rule. If you think Black Friday is 

crazy with people rushing in, go 

thrifting early. What I’ll do is walk 

fast to the jewelry counter first. 

Have a plan before the door opens. 

Don’t hurt nobody! 

2. Check for discounts 

Thrift stores don’t dish out 

annoying ads in your mailbox (junk 

mail) or coupons. They’ll have a 

board up of what color tags is a 

percentage off. Certain days they’ll 

have a sale like for ex. Salvation 

Army every Wednesday “Wacky 

Wednesday” everything is 50% off. 

So look out for the deals when you 

walk in. It’s been numerous of 

times I have to remind the cashier 

it’s a sale item. Also sometimes you 

can negotiate with the cashier. 

3. Best Days

The best days to thrift is on sale 

days. Like I mention above a certain 

day has a huge discount sale and 

check for those days. I go before the 

big day sale so I can get first grabs. 

Some thrift stores has a color tag 

discount everyday. Worst day to go 

is the day after the sale and 

weekends. The store has already 

been picked over. Monday and 

Tuesday’s the racks are full and 

better items. JUICY!

4. Examine your items

It’s been plenty of times I see what I 

want and grab it without checking 

for damage. It’s a MUST to examine 

your item for cracks,stains and 

tears. Double check before you 

throw it in the basket. Keep a 

sewing kit just in case you have to 

replace a button. Some stains can 

be removed DIY or dry clean. 

5. Have an open mind

Everything in that store is new to 

you so shop like its freaking Macy’s. 

A stylish person goes to any lengths 

to find that special piece that sets 

off their look. I mean you have all 

eras of style to choose from. GO 

CRAZY!!! I like to mix different eras 

or modern/vintage to my outfits. It 

all depends on your personal style 

when thrifting. Also a great way to 

discover new ways to style your 

wardrobe. Dare to be different! 

Happy Thrifting!


                                    Mint Cream💋 

MCB Christmas List

I know the feeling trying to find

that perfect gift for that special

person. Especially for the retro &

quirky cats that doesn’t shop in

main retail stores. Lovers of vintage

and out-the-box pieces. 

I can help you with that! Here’s a 

list of goodies I put together for 

1.) I purchased a 60’s mod salmon 

pink dress from hearts and hearts 

vintage. It fits PERFECTLY! H&H 

has a great selection of vintage 

clothing, especially mod dresses in 

plus sizes for you curvy gals. Your 

mod friend will appreciate any piece 

from H&H vintage.

2.) Every retro cat loves record 

players so they can play 45’s and do 

the twist. Record players can be 

pricey and most already have one. I 

purchased a mint green Jim Flora 

record player brooch from The 

Crave Yard. Oh how I love this 

brooch and it looks great on my 

pink mod dress. CY also have other 

retro inspired brooches so go ahead 

and buy that record player. 

3.) Rings!


Rings are my favorite piece of 

jewelry. I just love a little bling 

when I’m drinking my champagne. 

I purchased a pink/gold flower ring 

from Found Memphis. It’s stunning 

pink/gold looks so glamorously 

together. Sounds like Pink 

Christmas in the 60’s right now. 

Anyway FM has it all for that retro 

cat. Hey just buy her a gift card! 


Miss Velvet Wren wearing Taffeta Tea Party skirt

Miss Velvet Wren Blog 

4.) Le Bomb shop has great 

selections and prices. You get a 

retro outfit for under $50-$100. Go 

ahead and buy her that Taffeta Tea 

Party skirt and Cross your Heart 

bombshell tank,that she been 

eyeing all year. 

5.) Oh wait! How can I forget my 

psychobilly gals. Iron Fist Clothing 

is my go to for my creepy feels. IFC 

has skull & cross bones for your 

dead friend. I picked out my favorite 

creepy goodies for creeps like us. 

She will wake up the dead 

screaming after she opens the 

presents from Iron Fist. 

Well there you have it Mint Cream Christmas List. I hope my list helps you find that special gift. 

*Click the links to shop*

the Crave Yard

Hearts and Hearts Vintage

Found Memphis

Le Bomb Shop

Iron Fist Clothing

                                    Merry Christmas,

                                     Mint Cream Blog

Deux á jour Orléans

I enjoyed my short two day trip to 

New Orleans. I came with two of my 

closest friends Jerica & Chad. New 

Orleans has a special place in my 

heart,spent half of my childhood in 

Algiers (which is like New Orleans 

step child) & fluent in French. It’s 

in my roots and I love that part of 


We stayed in a cute 19th century 
French style house. The place were 

just 2 blocks down from the 

streetcars which heads to the 

French quarter.


Walking down St.Charles at night 

heading to magazine was a great 

adventure. We saw gorgeous homes 

and awesome bars. The first stop 

was parasols bar and restaurant. 

Charming old bar that been around 

for decades. They known for 

po’boys and the gravy fries. I 

ordered the smoked pulled pork 

Po’Boy and my friends ordered 

spicy shrimp Po’Boy with gravy 

fries with tender beef.







On French bread. FRENCH BREAD!! 


  The bar is really cool with dim 

lights and an attractive bartender. 

We talked to locals outside on the 

patio (no smoking inside any bars). 

Yes you can walk out the bar with 

your drink and roam around the 

streets of NOLA. I notice every bar 

had a $10 minimum if you use cards 

which is weird. I just want ONE at 

each bar! 


Walking back to the street cars on 

St.Charles heading to the French 

Quarter. I saw the “American 

Horror Story”school of witchcraft. 

It’s a beautiful charming house. It’s 

a school yes a real school. 

         I’m not gonna tell you! 


I have reached the French Quarter 

and now walking towards Bourbon 





   Bar hop! BAR HOP! bar hop! 

Ye Dungeon,The Abbey etc……

It rained all day Saturday! ALL 
DAMN DAY! We still venture out 

around the magical city. I had to 

brighten up my day somehow so I 

slapped on my flamingo swing 

dress with my flamingo flats. I had 

too! the palm tree said so and I like 

breaking fashion rules.

I saw her! 

      She was parked on the crossroads.

     She called my name 

    “Amy come here and take me with you!”

She was already taken. She’s old 

and very beautiful. MINT CREAM 

classic beauty on wheels.

After our Grand Slam breakfast at 

Trolley Stop Market. We hopped on 

the FQ street car. 

Walked on canal st. Heading to the 

The cemetery is my favorite staple 

in Nola just so freaking beautiful.

               BELLE MORT!

The energy were so thick and smells 

like sulfur. That’s the smell of 

death resting in the stoned crypts 

and the wall of coffins. I stroll 

though the yard and saw alters 

setup inside abandoned ruin crypts. 

      CREEPY! I like CREEPY! 

      Bar Hop! Bar HOP! 

On Bourbon. Day drinking in the 

rain which made the city look more 

charming. A wedding at the St.Louis 

Cathedral on Jackson square was 

going on. I stood and watch as the 

bride & groom walk out the 

cathedral, the clock struck 2pm,the 

bells ringing and they marched on 

with the band (second line). I 

definitely want to get married in 

NOLA that would be freaking 


Cafe du monde,beignets & cafe au 


We end the night on St. Charles at a 

couple of bars. Last one was Igor I 

swear all the odd balls came out 

that night. Laughter,drinking & 

friendships being made. Just say I 

met some great people that I’ll keep 

in contact with. 

Last day we just walked and 

shopped on magazine. Awesome 

locals shops and restaurants. 

Delicious bagel sandwiches at The 

Avenue Cafe & oysters at Tracy’s. 

Now it’s time to hit the road back 

home to my daughter. Mommy 

can’t stay away to long from her 

chicks. Hey on the way let’s get one 

more taste of Louisiana. Let’s stop 

at your mom place in Hammond,LA.

The town had retro signage & 

midcentury buildings. Cute 

charming small town. 

Deux á jour Orléans! 

Short & Sweet. 

Fall into Vintage

It’s that time of year to get your 

wardrobe together for the 


What better way to do it in vintage 

and retro inspired pieces. I went to 

four vintage stores in Memphis,TN 

(Found Memphis,Flashbacks,Red 

Velvet Vintage & Hoot & Louise). 

They all have its own niche and a 

huge inventory of vintage goodies! 

This was a fun shopping experience. 

I bought cute vintage items and 

played dress up with found vintage 

& red velvet vintage. Thanks Paige 

& Vera I’ll be back soon! So Grab you 

wallet and come shop with me!

   First stop is Found Memphis on 

board ave. (the border of midtown) 

in Binghamton area. FM open their 

doors 18 months ago during board 

spring art walk. When I enter the 

store it was like stepping into Iona 

apartment (Annie Potts of pretty in 

pink movie). I mean they have a 

great inventory of mid-century to 

early 80s;especially,in coats,vinyls 

& accessories. Paige the owner of 

FM greet us with a warm smile 

“Welcome to Found Memphis,may I 

help you”! 


Paige,owner,found memphis

 She toured me around the store & 

showed me her lovely vintage coat 

collection. My favorite coat is the 

60s blue/red polka dot wool trench 


Also she has some plus size dresses 

too for you curvy girls. I wore a 70s 

blue pleated and ruffle collar dress. 

What store has art shows and Rock bands playing after hours!

        Found Memphis

Found memphis

          found Memphis

Oh yeah! Rent your Halloween or just because costume here for 2 days!!!!!!

I purchased a floral fascinator with black/velvet fishnet. 



 Second stop, Flashback Memphis 

oldest vintage store in town been standing 

for 31 years. 


This store makes me 

warm inside every time I walk in. 

The furniture,housewares & 

clothing collection is amazing. 

Literally 20s-80s vintage rare finds. 

I thought I saw Fred Flintstone man 

dress! Anyway it’s a great place to 

shop and my dream home will be 

filled with Flashback furniture. 
It’s a fun nostalgic place to shop,thanks for helping us Gene. 


Gene,owner,Flashback Memphis

I purchased a pair of 50s fancy clip-on earring set.


SOLD ,$20

Third stop is Red Velvet 

Vintage,retro inspired and vintage 

shop.open its doors during Trolley 

Night spring of 2014. The store is 

located on historic south main in 

downtown Memphis. It’s a pinup 

girl paradise full of swing 

dresses,vintage evening gowns & 

purses. Brands from Hell Bunny, 

Trashy Diva & Voodoo Vixen. Miss 

Vera manager of RVV toured me 

around the store & dress me up in 

Pinup Couture!


Memphis Blues Dress,Pinup Couture,$108.00

They have a small tasteful vintage 

collection & gorgeous evening 

gowns. Vintage coats with fur 

collars & fur coats are available in s-

Vera is such a sweetheart she gave 

me multiple of outfits to try on and 

took my photos for me. 


Vera,stylist/s.a of RVV

I purchased the Hell Bunny black 

circle skirt.


Black Circle Skirt,$52,Hell Bunny

Fourth stop,Hoote & Louise located 

on historic G.E Patterson in 

downtown. H&L open the doors to 

the past in 2010. The shop is next 

door to famous Arcade diner where 

the king stuff his face.   

I walked in to late right before

closing but Leslie was kind enough

to show me around.  

Hey this place is for the whole 

family. Vintage items for 

women,men & kids. Huge vintage 

men collection & women. I saw 

mostly 60s mod to early 90s vintage 

pieces for the cool kids. 

I will be back to shop more (during 

store hours) but meantime I’ll just 

keep up with their new inventory 

on Instagram. This store always 

update and post new items online. 

So you’ll be in the loop.

I purchased a 70s silver strawberry brooch.


SOLD,Sarah Conventry silver strawberry brooch,$15

Thanks for shopping with me it was fun. Shop in-store or online and follow the shops social media pages.

Shop Online:

Found Memphis 
Flashback Memphis
Red Velvet Vintage

Found Memphis
Hoot & Louise
Red Velvet Vintage
Flashback Memphis

Found Memphis

Flashback Memphis
Hoot & Louise
Red Velvet Vintage