MCVE 2017: Vintage & Food Drive Market

May of 2017 Mint Cream Vintage Expo host their second vintage market. The expo was at American Dream Safari, a indoor trailer park warehouse in the middle of the medical district and the edge district. This the second expo and the first can good drive market in Memphis,TN.



“What better way to help small business & feeding the city. Mint Cream mission..”-Amy

It’s a family fun event for everybody! We got vintage boutiques with clothes, jewelry, toys, car show and other rare goodies. Also, we had artisans of handcrafted items ranges from bath products, home decor to jewelry.

mce posterIMG_507018301251_1488796367839296_2435508359380974131_nIMG_5071

I really enjoyed Eddy’s Pepper food truck and so did the crowd. They serve delicious tex mex and unicorn corn.

The vintage hair demos went great and spectators got helpful tips. Kasey Dee demonstrated the sixties hair on her niece  and she look so retro. Rob Brennon demonstrated the pompadour on his client for the men spectators. The models look so retro and ready for the vintage life.


The Memphettes fashion show was so much fun! The ladies modeled in vintage attire from 40’s to 60’s and they look dashing.





While the models strutting around American Dream Safari,Los Psychosis was rocking the house of wild and shaking Rock & Roll!




Tad’s Big Reveal Giveaway was the expo finally and some guy (with not so funny jokes) announced the winners. Winners got sweet digs from Tad’s garage and his artisan pieces made by Tad himself.

Vintage Car Door Handles

Tire Ties

Elvis Collars



We raised over 500 can goods for Mid South Food Bank. I would like to thank Tad Pierson, Vendors, The Memphettes, Los Psychosis, Eddys Pepper, Chad Irwin, Kasey Dees, Rob Brennon and Shoppers.


Mint Cream Vintage Expo Fall 2018-Save the Date


Mint Cream Vintage Expo can come to your city.  Got a venue? Want to be a vendor? Go to our website for more information.

Mint Cream Market







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