Spooky Trinkets

Halloween is the most fun & creative time of the year. It’s my holiday and I celebrate it like no other,my birthday is right after Halloween. 

I’m going to show you how to make accessories on a budget. I know it’s tempting to purchase already made Halloween trinkets but it can be expensive. 

Guilty pleasure I purchase “glided bats” from Summer Blue Jewelry. Hey it’s nothing wrong with treating yourself but what ghoul has one creepy item. Let’s make more DIY my ghouls! 


       Skeleton Hands


Hair Clips


Tools you need:
Skeleton hands,spider (your choice/ items from Michael’s)

Spray glue ( I used Elmer’s Craft)

Glitter (if you want/I used black Martha Stewert glitter)

Black Felt

Hot glue gun/glue sticks 

Hair clips/Flat back pin with clasp (at any craft stores Hobby Lobby,Michael’s etc.)

Spray glue on the hands/spiders & pour glitter over and spray glue over it. Set 12-24 hours to dry. 

Watch SPooky TrInkets Video:


Spooky Trinkets

Everyday is Halloween 

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