Tad Pierson-Americana Life


I met Tad Pierson through mutual 

friends 4 years ago at a party. He’s 

charisma lit up the room with his 

vintage bowling shirt on & comb-back

wavy silver hair.

I asked my friend about him. 

“Remember we went to a party in a warehouse full of vintage trailers”-Kelli Mirelli

OH SNAP! It all make sense now!

Tad’s Imaginarium,American Dream Safari & Tire Art.

                Let the interview begin!

                    Mint Cream Style!

Eating cheddar goldfish,drinking a cold dark stout beer (what beer was that again) & petting his friendly dog “Howdy”. 

No TV in sight. Just a radio,books and art projects. 

Productive as usual. Creating tire art. Working on his classic cars. 

American Dream Safari


Tad started his tours (road 

ethnograph) in 1989,driving his 

grandfathers blue 1950 Buick. 

In spring,tour starts in New Mexico 

driving along Route 66 & ending 

in California. Imagine a classic car with 

Airstream trailer attached,traveling the 

west coast. In fall ’95 tours start from 

Memphis to New Orleans (blues tour). 

Elvis fans really love his rock-n-roll 

tours riding in a 55′ pink Cadillac.

Me & my friend from Canada “Hey 

Bonnie”! Enjoyed his rock-n-roll,soul

& blues tour. From Sun studio to Stax,

Elvis teen home to Aretha Franklin 

childhood home,Bar-BQ picnic & 

cruise through midtown. His tours

are definitely unforgettable. 

Die hard rock-n-roll fans is his favorite

(blue-collar folks) that save every dime 

to tour with Tad. Celebrities were also 

customers like  Katie Curick,Elvis 

Costello & He shauffered Wilson 

Pickett around for 3 days. 


Americana heaven in a warehouse 

with three vintage trailers,indoor pond

tire art & classic cars. 


        Divine-Pink Flamingos vibe lol!

Before the Imaginarium was born.

Tad parked his Airstream trailer 

behind P&H (Wanda Wilson days)&

lived there. The after hour spot 

where all the artists & like minded

people hungout. 


1950’s Airstream Trailer

Save up $400 bucks & throw a party!

Invite me please!

Also he rents out the Imaginarium 

for photoshoots & events.

Tire Art

Cruising down the country roads of

Vassar,KS (Tad hometown) north of 

Wichita. Tire sign hanging on poles

“No trespassing” or ” No hunting”,

inspired Tad creativity of tire art.

What makes his tire art stands out?!?He paints them two-toned colors,

Tire furniture & tire sculptors. 

                  It’s AMAZING!!




He plans on collecting more vintage 

trailers and a bigger indoor trailer 

park. The park will have a golf course,

diner & movie showings on a projector

screen. Like a Drive-in!!!! 

Future plans for ADS is a board game.

“Travel the American Dream Safari”

& Dashboard Diaries which is a 

slideshow presentation of his tours.

Tad’s Top Picks

  1. Author-Jack London
  2. Poet-E.E. Cummings
  3. Mythologist-Joseph Campbell
  4. Blues-“Hound Dog” Taylor
  5. R&B/Soul- James Carr
  6. Rock & Roll-Bruce Springsteen
  7. Folk-Bob Dylan 

Live your dreams today,tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Go for it NOW! Create your own identity. -Tad Pierson


Tire Art

American Dream Safari
American Dream Safari-FB Page



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